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Can you fucking stop?

Stop with the fucking nsfw, why do it we haven't done anything to you fuck off
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Bro, I don't mean to make you look bad but you added kittydog nsfw to my blog on another Wiki, which wasnt cool especially because I'm under 16.
who even are you i didnt add kd yiff 2 ur bleg
On Transformice Wiki it said you had added it to my blog. Maybe you were hacked?
*Transformice cafe wiki
yea i think i might be hacked i dunno what a transformice is
Hmm, okay. By the way, I'd suggest changing your password. I'd also remove Transformice Cafe wikia from your favorites, too.
oh wowowowow
i did some spicy investigating
you do realize you've also been accused of putting kittydog yiff on other people's posts on here too? (yep, first reply was sarcasm. hopefully you could tell it by the last part)
so, yeah. what your doing is illegal. stop it, keep your fetishes to yourself please
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