Pancake, or Boob, is a kittydog that is in a relationship with Crystal/Cruffle. In the timeline universe, he is trans by Female/Male and in the Void universe, he is trans by Male/Female. He is very sexual towards others, but can be really sweet and caring at times. His mother is Cupcake Cat, and his father is Wafflecopter. He was first introduced in the Kittydog video Get paid, Get laid, Gatorade. He was originally gonna be a jackass. His nickname, Boob, is a reference of how he can be an idiot.

Appearance Edit

He has a bowtie on his chest and a bowtie pattern for paws.

He has an Orange-Yellow Linear Gradient as his fur colour with red eyes. As for the female, the bowtie on the males chest is a bow for the females head.
Rip boob