While little detail is given about Calimelon, it is assumed they have a generally happy and upbeat personlality. They make their first appearance in " ur style // tweening animation " on YouTube, and earlier they were also featured in a drawing on Deviantart called "its alright". Their other name/nickname is known to be Bootywings.

There is a slow bonus loop in the description of the video that can be found! They also make an small appearance in "i live in a constant state of fear and misery, do you miss me anymore?". They are an anseptawad sub-species called "anseptadogs" are are often associated with ///.

Appearance: Their body is a gradient of pink and green, and in fact their whole color pallette consists of those colors. The eyes have white stars in them but it is assumed that they can change shape. The hair is shape of a swirl. They have one "anseptawad" ear and one "dog" ear. Instead of a tail, Calimelon has two wings on their butt, earning the nickname "bootywings".