Crystal is Kittydog's mascot/fursona. She is a cat/dog hybrid, a kittydog. Her parents are Puppers and Fluffen, and it is likely she is in a relationship with Boob but it was never stated. She has two different forms, void and timeline, but it isn't clarified what each of them represents. Timeline Crystal is white with pink/blue gradient designs and purple crystal shapes in various places, while void Crystal has pink/blue gradient colored fur with white designs. Two of her paw pads are blue and in the shape of a dog, while the other two are pink and in the shape of a cat. Her eyes are also pink and blue, with the pupils white and are able to change shape. Crystal also has wings, which she can open up out of nowhere. She has taken a liking to the drink Sasade, which seems to be created by her, because of the phrase "Drink my sas."